At any of our services, your child will be cared for in our nursery by our loving staff and approved volunteers. You can be confident knowing that your child is being cared for and shown the love of Jesus every Sunday. If we need you for any reason, we’ll call or text the cell phone number you provide at check-in.
Our nursery serves children from birth up to 3 years old. Once your child is potty trained and 3 years old, they will move up to our Children’s Wild Kingdom area.
Safe + Caring
All of our volunteers are screened and background checked prior to serving in our Children’s Ministry. We also have a badge check-in system to verify drop offs & pickups. Our volunteers work hard every Sunday to create a caring and nurturing environment for your infant/toddler. We want to make sure they feel the love of Jesus at an early age.
If you have any questions regarding the nursery (policies, safety, etc.), please contact me at
-Laura Martin, Nursery Director